Branding: Let’s Get Personal

Our team has begun the process of rebranding our company. Like we do for so many of our clients, we had to remind ourselves that this is more than following a few quick steps, it is a journey to better define who we are and who we want to become.

In discussing our vision for the company, the type of clients and projects we want to work on, and the necessity for profitability, two things became very to clear to us.

1) Branding is personal. Each member of our staff has a stake in how our company is perceived. Where we worked was one of the elements that defined us. It was important for us to feel we were associated with a company and team that we could be proud to tell our friends and family, “Hey, that’s me. That’s what I do.”

2) Each individual has a personal brand. As we set out on this journey to develop the Matchstrike brand, we also began to express our own personal interests, values, and passions. The strength of Matchstrike is the perfect blend of smart, skilled individuals bringing together their unique perspectives.

With these two realizations we have begun to explore how branding has changed over the last few decades as consumers have become more savvy and technology has made people, products and services more accessible. Like the team at Matchstrike, people want to relate to brands. Everyday we are defining our personal brand by who we follow on Twitter, the TV shows we watch, the Facebook posts we like, the soap we purchase, the team we root for and the charity we donate to. If we think of these activities as outwards expression of who we are, then every brand needs to start viewing themselves as a lifestyle brand. To truly connect and engage consumers, they must get personal.

We haven’t completed our rebranding process at Matchstrike, but we are clear. We want to practice what we preach. So starting now we are going to share our personal side. Our collective experience in creating brands, learnings from others and our individual stories, likes and dislikes, passions, and any other random things that has captured our attention. We hope you’ll do the same as you create your personal brand.